The WLM WordPress theme

The WLM WordPress theme is based on the standard Twentyeleven theme and can be used with the latest WordPress version 3.3.1. Some preparations have been done to fit our basic needs for a local WLM website

  • The original header image functionality of the theme is used to change the logo. If you have a localized WLM logo, (like the one from Poland) just upload it in the header section. The size should be 170 x 150 px.
  • The rotating  banner image (810px x 150px ) is done by the Cimy Image rotator plugin. You’ll need to install the plugin and configure the images, but no need to include the code – this is already included in the WLM design. This rotator has the following advantages:
    • soft rotation
    • free configuration of images
    • Most important: Text and link for the author’s credits can be included – we should give a good example how to use Creative Commons images.
    • pro-tip: use header images with some clean space (sky, water etc.) for the slogan to fit in nicely.
  • The slogan on top of the banner can be changed to your local language (header section).
  • A link category for partner/sponsor hyperlinks can be used for the footer images/links. Use images 80px high for the footer, they will fit in (upload first, set the image URL for the hyperlink)
  • An additional widget, the WLM Image Counter for Commons categories is packed as a plugin in the download pack. You can choose the WLM category you want to count while the contest is running.

A download of this theme is available in the download section.